Sydney, Australia



Utilising our experience in optimising organic SEO campaigns across a variety of media. We specialise in growing organic visibility to content on the internet’s most valuable properties and increasing your website’s rankings on Google. 


Having trouble keeping up with and maintaining your social media profile? We have you covered and will post daily or weekly depending on your needs and can do content creation or copywriting for your business.


Crafting some of the most innovative online experiences using Shopify’s platform with clients with integrated POS systems to large online catalogues with 1000’s of SKU’s built to maintain hundreds of thousands in revenue.


We bring 5+ years experience in creative web design and identity development to help you build your world class website. We use a systematic process to help you build a website that lives up to your company name.


Anything from running advanced ads to PPC, we will work with you to create a tailored marketing plan to get ahead of your competition and stand out from the rest.


We will assist you in creating a top-tier branding and identity development plan to increase brand loyalty and noticeability that effectively positions your product/service in the marketplace.

Avant Digital


Being a business as well, we understand the painful process of managing a marketing plan and executing it. 

We deliver robust marketing and design services for your company with an entrepreneurial spirit. 

We’ve successfully assisted startup projects and seen them through acquisition, grown traffic for major web properties and designed some of the most cutting edge e-commerce and company experiences.

After contacting us we will setup a meeting of your choice to go over certain specifics pertaining to your business and identify what services you are looking for.

We will then create a tailored experience unique to your business to achieve your marketing and branding goals.

Pricing-wise, we charge a monthly based retainer dependant on the services you require to fully manage your company’s digital marketing goals.

Or if you have a singular project that you need done we can charge per project instead of month-to-month.

Our team is setup to provide you and your business with the best digital marketing experience ranging from simple social media post to advanced paid ad campaigns to ensure that your marketing needs are covered.

Our marketing specialists are here to make sure that you and your business will not need to worry or stress about maintaining your digital footprint and brand awareness.